Gourmet Meal – Right At Your Doorstep!

You know, it’s all very good when you have plenty of time on hand to plan that perfect housewarming at home. You have the caterer’s number sitting on your fingertips, a cook to dish out all those lavish spreads. All in all you know exactly what to do.

But, what about the last minute ‘hey-we’re-dropping-by’ or ‘let’s-get-sometime’ kind of parties where you probably have about 60 minutes to plan, arrange, and execute things? Did we just hear you say pizza? Imagine ordering pizzas for a large group. On the month end. (Just the thought of it gives us jitters!)

Ok, ok… Relax and allow us to smooth out those tension lines on your forehead. Read through and you’ll never have to worry about last minute parties and more again!

Late nights at the workplace, last minute house-party plans, impromptu visit by the in-laws, or a sudden desire not to cook – what’s your excuse for coldly ignoring the kitchen? Ah, we understand, all the washing, chopping, cutting and cooking can be too much to bear at times, but what to do, it’s the sawaal of the paapi pet after all. Why fret when you can get a chef cooked meal delivered hot and fresh, right at your doorstep! Yes, you read that right!

Gourmet food delivery in Whitefield is now a breeze with RedCooker, a food ordering app that delivers not only gourmet but also authentic regional dishes, prepared by home cooks and home bakers.

A hyperlocal food delivery in Bangalore, RedCooker understands that good food starts with great ingredients. The start-up hires extremely talented and passionate home chefs who whip up finger licking, delectable meals and how! Healthy, hearty, and homely, the taste conjures up so many memories that transport you back to your home. Doing it just the way our moms used to, our chefs use the purest of ingredients, taking extra care with that nostalgic taste of authenticity that will leave you craving for more. (Nostalgia is sweet, isn’t it?)

Be it scrumptious kachodis and spongy, sweet and savory dhoklas that you want to savor for breakfast or Greek salad and grilled fish fillets for lunch, you know we’ve got you covered! Piping hot, fresh, and promptly delivered on time, good food is our forte!