When Home’s Where the Best Food Is!

Gourmet goes along always but occasionally the tummy yearns for the best complement which is always home cooked, by mum, wife, maybe the bawarchi of yore. We’s been at RedCooker working with home chefs since our start to find best ways of getting that food out there to the discerning palate.

We had built a system platform and only needed now to get the suppliers – home chefs and their wares to be available for consumption on RedCooker. Khushi for example had some of the best in pancakes that no restaurant on earth could hope to ever match !

Khushi - Home Chef

We worked the tech at the back end  – integrated with India’s hordes of delivery and logistics support system companies – a few younger in their start up credo than we were and we were a go!

The immediate interest was phenomenal and we got some great new chefs on board. Some of the older home chefs worked with the younger ones as mentors and soon a sense of community was building up. Soft launching it as we were with customers and then a bit of a sustained but mellow push on social media advertising we were seeing the build up happening as orders came in and chef’s were being recognized by the magic of their cookery!

Rakesh Some really interesting chefs came on board with their heritage like Rakesh with his Wazwan. He was in his day job an IT entrepreneur but lived to cook and “spread the joy”. The cuisine was wholesome and the people were real. The taste was recognized as different and what everyone so missed everyday. We had hoped to create a workable people to people market place and things looked like they were coming together as per plan!

The human experience was what was the most interesting thing to see in play here as people met people, to collect initially as we did a test bed with pick up instead of delivery. There was genuine interest in the community and a lot of people wanted to be a part of it either as food makers or consumers.

A lot of our home chefs with their diverse backgrounds were doing this purely for the passion of cooking. Getting paid seemed to be a good way of putting things together. With a 10% commission charge on their earnings for designing and maintaining the software platform, no body seemed to mind seeing how effectively we had put the system together.