What We Did for Holi 2016

Quite a lot actually – the work folks who toil to make this a success – worked wondering about it. We have people to feed and exotic delicacies to be served. Chef Si – our manager at the “dish department” concocted a Holi (Our Indian Spring Festival)  special for all of us – a delectable platter of Indian sweet and spicy dumplings with a vegetable pate´ rounded off with a yogurt pudding flavored like a paan – the betel leaf’s tinge! It is a glorious and colorful feast with a unique taste palate.


The Gujiya and Samosa mix has some explosive flavors, colorful one could well call it. The yogurt pudding was a sublime addition – especially with the betel nut flavoring and brought back memories of Holi festivities of the days past!