Sea Food Slow Cooked in Clay Vessel

Our Chief Chef’s been doing a whole month of slow cooked divine food options for our gourmet cuisine and dipping into regional menu. He drew up the plan for mud pot casseroles and we got him the earthen ware. He tested the recipes out and we took the necessary pictures. He was however discerning against the vegetarians among us plying us with lamb, fowl and fish all month long in our innovations days Wednesday when we make it Wow and the Sundays

Prawns slow cooked!
Prawns slow cooked!

when we go Superb. Yes we do also have hashtags for these and about 90 days of sales data to tell how it works!!

This Sunday the 27th March 2016 – we have on the menu for the very first time and hopefully soon as a regular item – the Jhinga Kadai ! Prawns slow cooked in a spicy main course served with layered wheat flat bread – the laccha paratha, a kachumber salad, curds, rice and that tangy pickle !

Chef’s plan was for what the French call the “casserole” a dish cooked and served in the same vessel (the term casserole means “saucepan” in French). These are sow cooked, rich well done in nature dishes that provide a very unique flavor palate with right accompaniments and we are attempting it this Sunday – 27th March 2016 on our menu!