The Home Food Model

Home Food’s always been a great thing to have but difficult in real terms to deliver to people for a sustainable, sequential, standardized consumption experience. This is what we thought we ‘d crack, solve – seeing, researching others earlier who had done it and evolving. One immediate learning from early beta roll out of the product was that delivery was important. There is a reason that you have Mc delivery at India for Mc Donalds?

Our CEO speaking of the challenges and the plans.

We were committed to make this come together and thought immediately of showcasing the people behind it, it was after all a community effort. Our design and production team took to the road and captured our home chefs in their environment and made a graphic publicity campaign out of it  on social, digital advertising and mainstream media.


fb-post nehal fb-post nandini Sudha - homechef Rakesh Khushi - Home Chef

It was quickly picked up by mainstream media new and lifestyle publications from the Times of India and the TV 9 group for local publication on print and TV.