Red’s in Town!

Don’t worry, I don’t bite, but I ask you to pay for a bite. and an awesome one that too! Funny eh?

I am RedCooker, an app-based platform that delivers delectable global cuisine and home made specialities. 

Presently serving Whitefield, we are young and focussed with big dreams and who doesn’t like a bit of fame and fortune. We have deep seated desire to growing famous and expand like Kumbhakarna’s belly and to serve awesome food.

Needless to say, being a fairly recent arrival, we have miles to cover, loads to cook, and tonnes to deliver. Being an online food delivery service in Bangalore, we understand the competition, needs of the market and the expectation of the people. We are not just an ordinary fresh food company, we are here to stay and make a difference not just to Bangalore online delivery scene but also to those who are not as fortunate as others. 

Stay tuned, keep checking our Facebook pages for today’s menu, latest updates and exciting offers. Follow us, till then, so long!


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